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We Would Love To Hear From You

Phone & Whatsapp

+255 763 576 888


We Aim To Answer All Inquiries Within 24 Hours. 

Visiting The Center:


**Please Note ** 

Due To The Nature Of Our Work, It Can Be Sometimes Difficult For Us To Accommodate Guests Who Show Up Without An Appointment, Especially Children. Children Who Arrive Unaccompanied By An Adult (Parent or Legal Guardian) And Without An Appointment Will Not Be Allowed Inside. Nannies and Drivers Do Not Substitute Parents. We Will Post Special Visitation Days Specific For Children On Our Facebook Page.

Visiting Times: (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) 

12 - 3:00pm, Monday - Saturday 

Sunday - We Are Closed To The Public

August 1st 2017 - Unfortunately due to the high number of rescued dogs currently in our care, we have to close earlier than usual in order to comfortably feed them their dinner (home cooked dinner everyday yum yum!). As you can imagine, feeding over 100 dogs at the same time can tricky and needs 100% of the staff's dilligence. Around dinner time is also when the dogs get more hyper and can also show aggression. For their safty and yours, we do not allow guests inside during this time.

Please Email Or Call Us To Book An Appointment After 5pm :)


Animals In Need Of Rescuing:

If You Know Of An Animal Who Is In Need Of Rescuing Please Call/ Whatsapp The Numbers Above

For All Other General Inquiries, Donations, Sponsorships, Adoptions, Kenneling and Grooming etc. Please Email, Send Us An Whatsapp Message Or Call Us. 

We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

Every Living Thing xx

Send Us An Email: 

Success! We have recieved your email! We will respond within 24 hours. If it is an emergency, please call 0763 576 888

Students and Kids Under The Age Of 16 And School Visits:

Our Sanctuary's Aim is to Educate Children On Animal Welfare And Behaviour In Order To Create A More Compassionate Society For All! We Are Happy To Host Students And Groups at Our Sanctuary. 

To Arrange School Or Group Visits Please Call or Email Us. 

Please Note: Kids Under The Age Of 16 Are Not Permitted Without An Adult Or Previous Special Permission. Special Permission Can Be Granted For Student Volunteers. 

Because There Are Animals In Our Care Who Can Be Unpredicatable And Who Are Also At High Risk Of Disease, Children Must Be Supervised At All Times While Visiting The Center By Thier Parent or Guardian. Drivers and Nannies Do Not Substitute Parents. 

It Is Reccomeded That All Volunteers Be Vaccinated For Rabies Prior To Volunteering With Us. 

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