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We’ve worked long  and  hard  at  creating  a  model  for  long-term  sustainability. In  addition  to  our  rescuing, rehabilitation  and  rehoming  services  that  are  so desperately needed, we offer revenue-generating services that the community also needs and wants, including, Dog Kennelling, and Pet Friendly Fumigation for your home or office! We also sell dog homes and custom pet products built from reclaimed wood! 


Whether you're away for a weekend, going on a long holiday or are relocating, Every Living Thing is here to help!

We don't believe in isolating and locking up our rescued dogs in kennels and the same goes for dogs who are boarding with us! Depending on the size and sociability of your dog, he/she will be placed with other dogs in a group setting. 

We cater to your dogs individual needs. Have a picky eater or a dog who needs daily meds? No problem. It's our job to ensure your dog feels safe and comfortable in our care. 

Please call us/whatsapp up for details. 

Kenneling includes: Food, daily walks to the beach and lots of love! 

In order for your dogs to Kennel at ELT the following is recommended:

  • That your dog is spayed/neutered (if old enough) 

  • That your dog is fully vaccinated and up to date with all inoculations

  • That your dog is on a regular deworming regime 

  • ** Please note, we cannot kennel an unvaccinated dog or cat
















More Information About Kennelling Your Pet At ELT:

What Should You Bring When Dropping Off Your Pet: 

We advise against leaving personal items in our care due to the fact that it can get easily mixed up with other animals items and become lost. Besides medication that your animal may need to take, you do not need to leave his or her leash, bed, blankets etc. 

Emergency / Change of Plans?

If you have an emergency or change of plans and cannot pick up your animal on the date initially specified, please get in contact with us so we can adjust our file.

Unfortunately we see many cases of pet abandonment under the guise of kennelling. If after 30 days, your animal remains in our care and you have not paid your bill nor gotten in contact with management, and we have taken adequate steps to get in contact with you without success - we then reserve the right to assume your pet has been abandoned and will begin the process of re-homing your pet. 

Dog Kennelling Dar Es Salaam

Pet-Friendly Fumigation



Every Living Thing offers pet and child friendly fumigation services in and around Dar es Salaam. Our product is known for its effectiveness against mosquitos, fleas, ticks and cockroaches. Even Snakes are repelled! However, the product is still mild enough that is does not affect the plants in your garden, the geckos, and other wonderful creatures that are apart of our beloved ecosystem . 


The Day of the Fumigation:


We recommend you stay off and away from surfaces that have been sprayed for 3-4 hours. Take extra precaution with small, young or vulnerable animals. Make sure surfaces and wet spots have dried completely.

Our Fumigation is odorless and colorless, however, we recommend removing any kitchen items, office supplies, bedding and personal hygiene products for the duration of the fumigation. 

If an animal comes in contact with the product do not panic as the toxicity is very low to mammals. It’s important to note that the side effects will be an itchy throat, coughing and vomiting. Keep the animal hydrated and call your veterinarian. If you do not have a Veterinarian Please see the list below:

Pet Care House Veterinary Clinic Masaki: 0753 643 835 ~ afterhours: 0753 520 244


Vet Care Veterinary Clinic Mikocheni: 0713 325 000





















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